angel copy

I have learned the vast majority of the mixed media techniques I use now by good old fashioned trial and error. A whole lot of error. So it occurred to me that I could pass on my hard won knowledge by teaching. I work on a one to one basis tutoring people and helping them create one special piece of art or a whole body of work. My students and I work in my studio where I have an extensive range of art supplies and strange and wonderful objects available to us AND an extra nifty array of power tools.  I love helping my students design and construct their creations. I have had many students come to my studio with no idea what they wanted to create and through the alchemy of the process I lead them through, they leave with a finished piece of art. This is both gratifying and a great deal of fun for both student and teacher. Take a look at examples of the art some of students have created while working with me in my studio. My hourly rate for individual tutoring is $50. per hour plus any materials used. Way less expensive and way more fun than therapy!

I also have classes that teach the use of specific mediums that result in a finished art piece at the end of the class. I supply all the materials for these classes so that the focus is on learning, laughing and sharing. My classes have a lovely party feel and my students will always leave my classes with smiles, some extra knowledge AND a piece of art they can be very proud of. I keep these classes small enough (4 – 5 people) to give everyone enough individual attention. These classes last anywhere from a half day to a couple of days in length and are priced individually according to the length of the class and the materials used. Check out some of the examples of my classes and check the “News” section of my site to see what classes I have scheduled.