The Right to Assemble

cornwall detail five copysmall

I was born and raised in the Midwest with a burning desire to grow up to be a cowgirl. But from the first time I got my hands on a hunk of play dough, a pile of crayons and some paper, the call to create art became ever so much stronger than my cowgirl dreams.

Right out of college I began working with art consultants all over the country creating large scale fiber sculptures for public and private spaces. Eventually, my passion to collect unusual objects led me to the realization that these objects could be mined for their metaphorical content and utilized to make assemblage sculptures. The synergistic combination of words and objects allows me to create commentaries about life in all it’s comic and tragic glory.

I currently live in Boulder, Colorado with the great good fortune to have a home and studio space I adore, a stunningly excellent circle of friends and family and the staggering beauty of living with mountains in my face.

Most of the art pieces I have currently posted are available for sale. Please contact me through the “Contact” link if you are interested in purchasing a particular piece. I hope you will browse through the various different categories to view my art and let me know what you think!